Training Courses

National Water Hygiene

A half day enabling candidates to gain a firm grounding in the Health & Safety issues of the water industry, from contamination to accident prevention.

Course Duration:
Half Day

Who will benefit?:
Anyone whose duties include the Safe distribution of treated water to the domestic and commercial client.

Aims of Training:
To inform individuals working in restricted areas of their obligation not to contaminate the water System and how to prevent an accident from occurring. The aim is to give awareness training rather than any job specific training.

The scheme aims to set a national standard for all elements of health screening and hygiene.
This comprises of three elements:

  • Successful completion of the health screening questionnaire
  • Participation in the awareness training
  • Successful completion of National Water Hygiene test

Training Objectives:
The Training will cover a variety of roles and functions that are carried out within the water industry. These would include personnel working on the following:

  • Service reservoirs
  • Pumps
  • Mains and services
  • Sampling
  • Boreholes
  • Wells and Springs
  • Personnel working at treatment works

This will ensure that all companies train and test their employees to the same standard and allows anyone registered to the scheme to move from one company to another without having to re-take a ‘hygiene test’.

Maximum Number of Delegates:
12 per course.

Training Methods:
A high proportion of group participation, including practical exercises in lifting techniques, supplemented by power point presentation and classroom based tutorials.

Resource Required:

Client to provide: Training room to comfortably accommodate all the delegates with 240V power supply.
Trainer to provide: Training Equipment (course notes and presentation package)

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